Based on the people and serving the people, to create a beautiful
and harmonious living environment!

Shenyang Minan Realty Property Co., Ltd. is another subsidiary of Shenyarg Minan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 1996, by following the principle of "Owner is the first and service is the first", it has been providing owners with high-efficient and low-cost quality service. Better quality is shown in not only construction but also service. All matters, whether important or trivial, are given great attentions. MINAN's service philosophy of "to serve people" is really expressed throughout its service.

The Huanghai Garden Residental Quarter and Mingui Garden Residental Quarter which Shenyang Minan Realry Property Co., Ltd. serves are praised as "National Urban Demonstration Residental Quarter in Realty Priperty Management". "Provincial Residental Quarter with Good Quality". "Provincial Model Unit in Afforestation", "Municipal 5-star Safety Demonstration Community" and "The Most Popular and Satisfying Residental Quarter among Families in Shenyang and Liaoning".